2017/18 CFBEGA Membership Application
CFBEGA Membership Application Form
WARNING!! We are currently reviewing some membership applications for fraud. If you provide inaccurate information in the application form, your membership application will be rejected and/or if fraudulent information is detected in an audit, your membership will be suspended with no refund.
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Declaration Statement
In joining the CFB Esquimalt Golf Association, I undertake to abide by and adhere to the rules and regulations laid down in the Constitution and Bylaws. I also undertake to abide by the privileges and limitations imposed by the individual golf courses with which we have membership agreements.
To accomplish this undertaking, I agree with the following terms and conditions:
- Provide basic personal information at the time of registration;
- identify myself as a member of the Golf Association when booking tee times, and to present my CFBEGA membership card to the pro shop staff when checking in;
- inform the golf course at least 24 hours in advance when I or a member of the group that I have booked is unable to golf as planned;
- Conduct myself with dignity and respect while adhering to good sportsmanship;
- Respect the rights of all other members, patrons, staff and management golf courses;
- Not engage in any form of harassment, unprofessional, negligent, abusive and disrespectful behaviour towards other members, patrons, guests, and staff that discredits CFBEGA and DND;
- Abide by all local, provincial and national laws and regulations;
- Be an ambassador for CFBEGA when out in the community or at any golfing facility;
- Responsible for a conduct or behaviour that a reasonable person knows or ought to have known that such behaviour would be considered unwelcome or inappropriate by any recipient or such conduct brings CFBEGA’s reputation into discredit;
- If I am a sponsor, be accountable and responsible for the conduct and behaviours of Associate members I sponsor;
- If I have comments about complaints about any golf course, staff, other members or guests, that I will directly contact members of CFBEGA Executives by email as soon as practicable; and
- If I violate any of the above and CFBEGA Constitution and Bylaws, I understand that my rights and privileges up to and including suspension from the association may be taken against me, and return CFBEGA card with no refunds.
- Please print, sign and date the form after obtaining approval from the Membership Director and take it to Naden Athletic Centre.

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