#BoycottNutriAsia Petition

Rodrigo Roa Duterte
President, Republic of the Philippines
Malacanang Palace, JP Laurel St.,
San Miguel, Manila, Philippines


Sec. Silvestro "Bebot" Hernando Bello III
Department of Labor and Employment
Muralla Wing cor. General Luna St.,
Intramuros, Manila, Philippines 1002

We, the undersigned, condemn the brutal dispersal of 300 NutriAsia workers and their supporters by more than 100 of the company’s security personnel and members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on July 30. Many were hospitalized with serious injuries, at least 19 were arrested, and many are still missing and unaccounted for. The picket line, including workers’ personal belongings, have been destroyed as well.

Since June 2nd, workers of the NutriAsia have been striking to demand regularization and to protest unjust termination after forming a union. NutriAsia produces popular Filipino condiments such as Mang Tomas lechon sauce, UFC banana ketchup, Datu Puti soy sauce and vinegar, Jufran, and Golden Fiesta among others.

Our Demands:
- We demand all charges to be dropped and justice for Hiyasmin Saturay, Eric Tandoc, and all those arrested at the NutriAsia picketline!
- We call for the end of the Trump-backed Duterte regime’s union repression and union-busting tactics!
- We call for justice for all those injured and unjustly arrested by the PNP’s violent dispersal!
- We demand NutriAsia fulfill the demands of NutriAsia Workers to end contractualization and to regularize their workforce!

#BoycottNutriAsia #SupportNutriAsiaWorkers #BloodInYourCondiments


NutriAsia Inc., a multi-million dollar company based in Bulacan, Philippines, manages the production of popular condiments such as Datu Puti, Mang Tomas, Jufran, Silver Swan, Golden Fiesta, Locally, and Papa. NutriAsia is a highly profitable company earning as much as P27 million (over $500,000) per day. Joselito D. Campos Jr., the owner of NutriAsia and CEO of Del Monte Pacific, has a family net worth of $650 million (2017). Amongst their 1,400 workers, only 100 are considered “regular” permanent employees while a vast majority of them are considered “contractual” workers--a designation that puts them in an extremely more exploitable and unstable condition.

NutriAsia workers are forced to work for P380 ($7.11 USD) a day for an 8 hour shift, but many workers face 12-16 hour long days and dangerous working conditions. Workplace injuries have become commonplace, with temperatures reaching greater than 100°F at their work stations, while lacking proper workplace equipment to handle products over 200°F. Many were compelled to hide their injuries at the risk of being fired.

With the support of Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Workers’ Movement for Change Federation, and Nagkakaisang Manggagawa ng NutriAsia (NMN), the NutriAsia workers have continued to organize for their rights and oppose state repression under the Duterte administration. In May, NutriAsia Workers launched a picket line to oppose the layoff of 75 contract workers. As the strike continued in June, NutriAsia sent 300 Philippine National Police (PNP) officers to harass the workers and violently disperse them in an attempt to break their strike, resulting in 20 arrests and four people being hospitalized. According to the International Trade Union Confederation, the Philippines has been considered one of the worst countries for workers in the world.

The NutriAsia workers, who were violently dispersed last month are still holding down their picketline. They are currently in dialogue with the management, but the management is pushing to continue production, which has been stopped since the strike started. If the company does not restart production in August, they won’t be able to produce enough of the products for the increasing demand for the upcoming months, especially the Christmas season. There are growing concerns the management will send more police and state forces to violently disperse their picketline.

We call on all member organizations and concerned people worldwide to support the NutriAsia workers on strike and to widen the support for their struggle.
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