2020 OC Bike Camp Volunteer Registration
Where: Soka University, 1 University Dr., Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
When: Monday, August 3 through Friday, August 7, 2019
Volunteer Training: Sunday, August 2 from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The Orange County Bike Camp 2020 is a collaborative project between the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County (DSAOC) and UCP of Orange County (UCP-OC). iCan Shine is a non-profit organization that teaches individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle through its’ iCan Bike program. Utilizing adaptive bike riding techniques, specialized adaptive bike equipment, and staff from iCan Shine, Inc., DSAOC and UCP-OC will host this exciting, week-long experience for 40 children and adults with disabilities.

Volunteers will build meaningful one-on-one relationships with their rider as they learn to ride a bike. Volunteers will be walking or jogging alongside the rider in the beautiful air-conditioned Soka University Gym (Aliso Viejo) until their rider is two-wheeling on a regular bike. Then, volunteers will accompany their rider outside to spot them as they ride in the parking lot for practice. Volunteers work in pairs with the same rider all week. You become part cheerleader, part spotter, and also their buddy! A memorable experience for all involved.

Volunteer Requirements:

-Volunteers must be 15 years or older by day 1 of camp.
-Volunteers must be able to walk, jog, or run for their session with breaks.
-Volunteers should make a week-long commitment to do one or more sessions. (Can’t do a whole week? You can apply to be an “extra!”)
-Volunteers must wear comfortable, active wear such as appropriate length shorts or leggings and tennis shoes.
-Volunteers will also be given a Bike Camp t-shirt to be worn at each shift.
-Although small snacks and water are provided, volunteers need to bring their own reusable water bottle to refill.
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We ask you to commit to working all five days during the camp for the session(s) you select. You may volunteer for up to 3 sessions. Riders bond with their assigned volunteers and rely on the same person to be there each day. Please indicate the 75-minute session(s) for which you would like to volunteer. In selecting your session(s), you will need to plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to your session start time for a daily strategy/training session with Shine Staff. *
To better assist some of our participants, do you know any other languages including American Sign Language? *
What is your experience in supporting people with special needs/disabilities? *
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Would you have any interest in attending Rider Alumni Days after OC Bike Camp? More information to follow. *
Program: Orange County Bike Camp / iCan Bike Description: A five-day long bike riding program that uses adapted equipment to help individuals with disabilities learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle. By signing, I hereby expressly acknowledge that biking, like many sports such as swimming, golf, soccer, and gymnastics involves movement and physical activity, and that injury or mishap are possibilities in spite of all reasonable safeguards and precautions taken. I also understand that an injury or mishap could occur when volunteering for this program. Further, I hereby expressly acknowledge that photographs and/or videos of me may be taken by parties outside the control of iCan Shine in connection with participating in this program. I acknowledge that iCan Shine has limited or no control over such activities of third parties and has no control over any editing and/or use of such photos and/or video footage. I accept such risks as reasonable and proper, and agree to hold harmless the officers, principals, staff and volunteers of Soka University, DSAOC, UCP-OC, iCan Shine, Inc., and Rainbow Trainers, Inc. should injury or mishap occur in this regard. I give permission to be photographed and/or videotaped in print or electronic media by iCan Shine or third parties acting on behalf of iCan Shine. I acknowledge and agree that photographs and videos may be edited and used in whole or in part as desired for the purpose, which may be produced, duplicated, distributed and used for informational, promotional or other public purposes. I understand that photographs and video are not my property and there will be no compensation to me. Please sign: * *
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