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It is very important that you do not just try and complete this form as quickly as possible in order to finish it. But please, for the sake of your business and your customers or clients, take your time because this is going to set the foundation for your entire online presence and thus the success you have marketing your business using the internet.

I have set the form up so you can edit your responses and fill it out as many times as you want.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

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Business Name
Business Address Line 1
Fill the address out even if you are a service based business only. The primary business listings on search engines will still require you to input an address but they give you an option to hide that address and choose a service area such as Denver, Colorado, or the entire USA.
Address Line 2 (if needed)
Address Line 3 (if needed)
Postal / Zip Code
Service Area
If you are a service area business please input your service area here. Local businesses with a store front can also have a service area that they serve. But usually a local business serves people in that city or location so the address will suffice for physical local store fronts.
Primary Business Phone Number
Additional Business Phone Numbers
Fax Number If You Have One
Website Address / URL
Name Of The Person Who Is The Primary Business Contact
Year of Business Formation
Number of Employees
Payment Methods Accepted
Examples: Cash, Credit(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex), PayPal, Check, Invoice, Insurance, Financing Available, Ect.
Business Hours
When they are starting out a lot of small businesses think they should just put 24 hours, but please set business hours and do yourself a favor and keep those business hours; if for no other reason than your own sanity.

If you have a lunch hour, you should include that as well.


Monday: 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM & 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM

If you are closed that day, just type closed.
Monday Hours
Tuesday Hours
Wednesday Hours
Thursday Hours
Friday Hours
Saturday Hours
Sunday Hours
Business Categories
Business categories are very important when it comes to the internet and specifically for the search engines. Categories help the search engines understand your business and in turn help them figure out when to display your business in the search results.

Here are some guidlines and tips from Google to help you with this:

And here is another article put out by a reputable online platform:

List Your Business Categories
Business description
One way to think of a business description would be like an elevator pitch. These should not be extremely long. Google My Business allows up to 750 characters so I have restricted this response to 750 characters as well.
Products or Services Offered
If you offer services it is a good idea to list the service and then include a one-sentence description of how that helps your customers or clients. If you sell products you can do the same, but usually, products imply an understanding of that already. If you are a restaurant you should use this section to input your menu as some business listings such as Google My Business will allow you to create a menu directly on the listing.
Business Logo and Other Imagery or Content
For the sake of security surrounding this Google form which is linked to my Google account and so you don't have to login to view or fill out this form I am not able to let you upload these to the form.

But please create a folder on your computer and place your logo and other images.

Some other examples of photos you should have depending on the type of your business are: before and after photos of work completed, photos of your place of business(inside and outside-including signage), team member or staff photos, product photos, photos describing the service you provide like cleaning, and anything else that represents your business.
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