VEX IQ Workshop 2019
Interested in bringing robotics to your elementary or middle school for the first time? Spend a day at USC learning about VEX IQ robots and the annual VEX IQ Challenge. We will introduce basic building concepts, beginner programming skills, and the use of sensors in conditional programming scenarios. We will also cover what you really need to know to go back to your school ready to start a competition team with a group of lucky students! Each pair of teaching partners will receive (1) VEX IQ Super Kit and 2 smart motors for the their club or classroom.

This workshop is for 4th-6th grade teachers only! No cost to attend. Limited space.

***October 10, 2019 at the College of Engineering and Computing***
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If you are selected to attend the workshop, you will need to bring a group of 3 students to the Annual VEX IQ Challenge on March 10, 2020. Are you able to commit to that? *
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