Step 3: Questionnaire
Step 1 & 2 are down! Now onto step 3. Please fill out the entire form in order to qualify for the airdrop tokens (Geon tokens).

Every day we will publish what we determine are the top 3 questions/observations along with their answers.

The 3 users who ask the questions that are selected will receive a BONUS allocation of 100 Geon tokens tokens each, every week day.**

We will also host a 10 questionnaire/quiz where the top 20 participants will enter a pool for 5000 additional Geon tokens. Keep an eye out in the telegram channel ( and other social media channels for the link to the weekly quiz.

**The higher quality your question is the better chance you have of getting selected!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the project in order to increase your chances of having your questions selected! Click this link for details:

>>>Please also keep in mind that typing responses such as 'yes' / 'no', 'ok', random characters/numbers, 'good project', etc. into the fields will NOT be counted and you will be omitted from the airdrop campaign.<<<

How would you use Geon?
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Have you had any experiences in Augmented Reality? Please share it! *
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Ask the founding team 1 question about the Geon Network, Augmented Reality , blockchain, etc. You can find out more about the founding team here: *
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Ask the founding team 1 question about absolutely anything at all. The questions do not need to be related to the Geon Network project. For example, you could ask the founder what his/her favorite city in the world is. *
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What is your telegram handle? Please use the format "@airdropxofficial". This must be the same telegram handle that you used in step 1. *
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