Reflecting on #BlackBirdersWeek & DEI

Black Birder's Week is past and has since been followed by Black Hikers Week an a myriad of other social media campaigns directed at amplifying the voices of Black, Ingenious, and People of Color in outdoor recreation and natural resources careers. These efforts are raising important questions, awareness, and our sense of collective responsibility in proactively facing racism in the birding world and beyond. As the Friends of Malheur NWR endeavor to strengthen in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion we want to hear from you, our Friends members and followers.

If you are willing to share your thoughts and reflections on #BlackBirdersWeek with us, we would love to hear from you and invite you to complete the survey below. Please note: by filling out this survey, you grant FOMR permission to publish responses for educational purposes.
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What did #BlackBirdersWeek mean to you?
What surprised you about #BlackBirdersWeek?
What inspired you about #BlackBirdersWeek?
Do you have a specific group or cause that you work with or know of that connects more people to birds and nature? If so, please tell us more about it!
How might we approach fellow birders and nature enthusiasts who present resistance or react negatively to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I)?
What is one thing that could happen in the birding world to help us address discrimination, lack of diversity, inclusion, and access issues?
Please complete this sentence in your own words: This is an important issue for organizations like Friends of Malheur NWR because...
There has been discussion of Michigan Audubon forming a small group to regularly discuss how we can better (and consistently) address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, develop and implement strategies, and work to be a part of a proactive, focused solution to racism in the birding world. How would you like to be involved in this ongoing conversation, if at all? (Not required.)
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Is there anything else you'd like to share about how FOMR can advance the voices of BIPOC in our community of Friends?
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