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In 2019-20 we hope to award over USD 10 million worth of scholarships to more than 100 students. Scholarship winners are guaranteed both admission as well as funds towards their college tuition. The scholarship covers four years of tuition fee study in any subject of their choice at one of the following colleges:

1. Beloit College, Wisconsin
2. Drew University, New Jersey
3. Ithaca College, New York
4. Juniata College, Pennsylvania
5. Knox College, Illinois
6. Lynn University, Florida
7. Millsaps College, Mississippi
8. Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania
9. Northwestern University in Qatar
10. Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio
11. Syracuse University, New York
12. Texas Christian University, Texas
13. The University of the South, Tennessee
14. Union College, New York
15. University of Rochester, New York
16. Washington College, Maryland
17. Wheaton College, Massachusetts

Please read this document for detailed information about the program. For any information, feel free to email us on or Whatsapp 91677 87851.
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Students from Grade 11 or younger are NOT ELIGIBLE. Students in Second Year/Third Year in College are NOT ELIGIBLE. Students who have completed Graduation are NOT ELIGIBLE. Please confirm that you are eligible for the program.
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