2019 MAC Football Pick 'Em: Week 11
For me to be able to update your points on these picks all year long, you MUST keep the name you start with.
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TWO POINTS: Kent State at Toledo winner *
Tues., 7 p.m.
THREE POINTS: Ball State at WMU winner *
Tues., 8 p.m.
THREE POINTS: Miami at Ohio winner *
Wed., 8 p.m.
FOUR POINTS: MAC's highest-scoring team of the week *
FOUR POINTS: MAC's lowest-scoring team of the week *
TWO POINTS: I'm setting the OVER/UNDER for Toledo vs. Kent State at 61.5 *
TWO POINTS: I'm setting the OVER/UNDER for WMU vs. Ball State at 67.5 *
TWO POINTS: I'm setting the OVER/UNDER for Ohio vs. Miami at 52.5 *
THREE POINTS: Please write in one MAC player who will rush for at least 125 yards this week. *
Not accepting any answers that include more than one player.
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THREE POINTS: TRUE OR FALSE? Drew Plitt will complete 20 or more passes at WMU. *
THREE POINTS: TRUE OR FALSE? Bryant Koback scores three or more times against Kent State. *
THREE POINTS: Write-in two (2) MAC defenders who will tally at least 1.5 TFL each this weekend. Gotta get them both. *
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SIX POINTS: Pick six more winners in these select 10 non-MACtion games. Gotta get them all right. *
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