STAKD Token Airdrop
Welcome to the STAKD Airdrop. Please fill out the data as specified.
In order to be eligible for the airdrop, this form must be filled out CORRECTLY. Multiple entries are NOT allowed. Only one entry per person. If you fill out the form multiple times all of the entries will be removed. You must fulfil all of the requirements (email address, eth address, telegram username, random number, tick the 2 boxes). If one of the requirements is not fulfilled or is filled out incorrectly you won't be eligible to receive the airdrop. Email addresses will be checked by using the tool. If its a spam or nonexistent email you will not be eligible to receive the airdrop.
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Type your username including the @ (at) sign. If you do not have a set username, you will not be able to participate in the airdrop. In order to be eligible to receive the airdrop you need to join our telegram channel and group: AND (you NEED to join both.)
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Go to and copy the 6 figure number together with the comma. Number is located in the popup after the "Random number: X" text, where X represents that random number.
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