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Beacon Hill International School is looking for 15 volunteers to deliver books to students! The library is currently offering curbside pick up but only for a few hours a week, so unfortunately many families are not able to go due to work schedules and transportation barriers. Delivering books will ensure that students have access to literature while at home learning remotely! Each rider will be expected to carry about twenty books.

What we will be delivering:
We will be delivering manila folders full of books with each volunteer delivering around 20 books in total to 4 student family households in and around the Beacon Hill neighborhood. We hope to deliver about 250 books to 50 families!

Our first delivery day will be Friday December 11th starting at 3pm with delivery rides scheduled every two weeks starting in January. You can indicate which delivery dates you would like to attend in the form below!
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Are you interested in volunteering for the Beacon Hill International School on the Friday (2pm-4pm) dates below?
Book Deliveries for Beacon Hill International School will take around a hour to make. The addresses and delivery information for the student homes that you will be delivering books to will be emailed to you a few days before the delivery day. If you sign up for a date, but then have to cancel please email me at
Any additional specifications, comments, or questions?
Thank you for volunteering with SPRP and the Beacon Hill International School! Together we are pedaling the joy of reading to students who need the most support!
We will send you a follow up email with more information a few days before the event!

If you don't receive a volunteer info email the day before the event please send me an email at
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