Volunteering with Parkbus

Parkbus has two main volunteer programs available for you to take part in! 

The first is on guided trips, under our ActiveDays programs.These individuals volunteer on our group trips and assist guides during the trip. If you are a social and approachable person who loves to help, is an experienced group leader or hiker, likes share knowledge on outdoor pro-tips or simply chat about hiking gear, this role is for you! 

The second is the Parkbus Ambassador Program (PAP) is a volunteer-run program that is conducted on board our regular route buses as they travel to and from various Parkbus destinations. The programs helps bring together past and present passengers, members of the community, media and partners. The goal of the program is to establish a network of ambassadors representing and informing the general public of the outdoor opportunities available in Canada, while promoting a sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation option.

ActiveDays Volunteers:
The main responsibilities of ActiveDays volunteers are to assist and support the ActiveDays Trip Guide for the entirety of the trips duration. This includes but is not limited to checking-in participants onboard, assisting while on the trail, being second in command to the guide for any during hike/park emergencies, engaging with participants and answering any trip and outdoors related questions, helping the guide to navigate and coordinate the group and participating/assisting in ice breakers games and other activities. 
The ideal ActiveDays volunteer is an outgoing and friendly assistant to the trip guide, always eager to help and assist participants on a trail. This role is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of ActiveDays community, develop your teamwork and problem-solving skills and learn more about the work of trip leaders/guides. 

Parkbus Ambassadors:
Motivated and outgoing Parkbus Ambassadors are an integral part of the passenger experience with Parkbus. Therefore, volunteers should engage with passengers, respond to any relevant questions and requests and coordinate possible raffles on board the bus. Before the trip it is essential that time schedules, pick-up and drop-off spots, logistics and the overall operation are studied to ensure a smooth and trouble-free transit. Ambassadors are also expected to supervise luggage handling, coordinate the bus stops in the cities and parks with the bus driver, checking tickets and keep track of passengers. In case of any issues during the trip the volunteer is the contact person for the passengers and reports back to the operations manager of Parkbus. Outside of this, Ambassadors are very welcome to participate in any special events that Parkbus is in attendance.

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