CCO Organization Request Form
Cloth Connection Outreach Charity believes everyone should have access to healthy, money saving reusable menstrual products.
If you are an organization that helps low-income or homeless communities and would like to have cloth pad or menstrual cup kits on hand for your residents/members please fill out this information and we will get back to you.
(**Only giving to USA organizations currently. We may expand later if we have the supplies)

We will go over applications once a month. We will send you an email after our meeting.
examples of mini kits (these went to a shelter)
Name of organization *
If you are a nonprofit what is your EIN #?
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Who's applying- name and position in business *
What does your organization do? How do you help the low income & homeless? *
What products would you like to offer *
How many items are you requesting? *
Are you willing to pay shipping? We are a small non-profit and ask that you pay the shipping cost for these. *
These items can NOT be sold. We support organizations that help people in need. **Do you agree to distribute to people low income & homeless or agree to return to CCO if the items are no longer needed? *
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