Historical Fiction Readers
I’m running this survey to better understand who my readers are, what are they interested in and what kind of books fascinate them. Thanks ahead for your feedback!
1. Your gender
2. Your age
3. What do you do for living?
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4. Where do you live?
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5. What of these literary genres do you read most often? Please check all that apply.
Who are your favorite authors?
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7. How many books do you read per month?
8. Do you read / listen to
9. How much do you think an ebook should cost?
10. How do you choose what book to buy next? Please check all that apply.
11. What publications or blogs do you enjoy reading the most?
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12. Where do you shop most (online and offline) for books? Please check all that apply.
13. How do you spend your free time, aside from reading? What are your hobbies?
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14. Do you visit any readers groups online or websites with book recommendations? If yes, which ones?
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15. What influences your buying decision when it comes to literature? Please check all that apply.
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