Psychedelic Integration Clinical Consultation Group Description and Application Form
This page holds both a description of the Fluence Clinical Consultation Group (CCG) and an application application form for joining. The goal of this group is to provide a safe, informative and confidential place for therapists and other practitioners to discuss their clinical work in psychedelic integration. This group will meet weekly for 12 weeks, and will keep the same members for the 12 week period. We will be learning the principles of Psychedelic Integration and methods for working with psychedelic experiences into ongoing psychotherapies. Members will be asked to present case material from their own practices once or twice during the group, and guided discussion will be encouraged. This group will be a supportive environment with the same confidentiality parameters as a psychotherapy group, and invites personal sharing, but is not a venue for therapists to discuss underground work with psychedelics that they may have done as a therapist. The group is open to practicing, licensed clinicians of all persuasions, but will emphasize psychological and psychodynamic perspectives, including discussions of transference and countertransference. We are asking CCG members to commit 12 week's participation upon registration; it is not a drop-in group.

Please see for start dates and weeks when we will not meet. To keep group sizes small and facilitate group process, this group will not exceed 8 participants.

We invite you to tell us about yourself in this Application Form. We hope to learn about your professional experience and the areas in which you are interested in expanding your knowledge and understanding of psychedelic integration.

Upon receipt we will review your application within 2 weeks, and send a reply regarding admission. We may request a brief phone call to get to know one another better. Upon acceptance, you will receive an invoice to pay in order to complete registration. If your application is declined we will let you know as soon as possible and may make recommendations for other appropriate training where applicable.

This form may be updated at any time and we will contact you if any additional information is necessary to determine your admission to the group.
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