Super Crazy Awesome Survey of Incredible Awesomeness!
This is a chance to give us your input. While the exact details of this project are top secret, you may get an idea of what it is we are planning from this survey.
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Would you be interested in a place where you could play videogames and drink with your friends? *
Assuming you are 21 and this place served alcohol.
How excited would you be if a place like this existed? *
Not interested at all!
Take me there now!
What do you play on? *
What type of gamer are you? *
How would you describe your playing style?
What genre do you normally play? *
Not sure why you would need any help with this question but "potato".
What do you like to drink while you are gaming? *
You know that fluid stuff that you consume?
Can you give us specific examples of things you like to drink while gaming?
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What type of atmosphere do you game in? *
Dark and quiet or with the lights on?
What type of atmosphere do you like when you game?
Open and social or dark and quiet?
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More About You
The next set of questions is to get your opinion of things. None of these are required but very appreciated.
What do you dislike about the typical bar / bar scene?
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What do you like about most bars / bar scene?
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What would you like to see in a place that offered videogaming and served alcohol?
Tabletop gaming, hardcore gaming area, etc.
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Anything else you would like to share?
Something that needed more explaining or just want to share a thought?
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Which is better?
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