Stand With Palestinian Prisoners: Hunger Strike Solidarity
We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, express our solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails launching hunger strikes and urge that their just demands be immediately implemented.

The prisoners' demands include the following:
* allowing family visits for prisoners who have been, until now, prohibited from such visits with their loved ones, including Palestinian political leader Ahmad Sa'adat;
* providing necessary and adequate medical care to sick prisoners;
* ending the policy of administrative detentions
* improving the living conditions inside the prisons
* prohibiting invasions and raids by special units of the Zionist forces, including the Metsada unit, on the sections and cells of the prisoners.

These demands are basic principles of justice. The violent raids and attacks by special forces; the ongoing denial of family visits and medical care to Palestinian prisoners; and the difficult and often dangerous living conditions in Israeli jails (particularly now, as temperatures soar and Palestinian prisoners suffer in the heat) are abhorrent. The use of administrative detention to imprison hundreds of Palestinians without charge or trial is an illegitimate and unlawful attack on Palestinians' basic civil and political rights.

We support the prisoners' demands and call for their full and immediate implementation.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Freedom Archives
BDS Slovenia
Football Against Apartheid
Prison Activist Resource Center, Oakland CA
BDS Berlin
Nederlandse Palestina Komitee
Palestina Rossa
Fronte Palestina
Association des Marocains En France AMF
Association France-Palestine Solidarité 63

Alicia Fdez Gómez
Anat Matar
André Querre
André Rosevègue
Angela Ioannidou
Anne Lamb
Antonio Maniscalco
Bernard De Witte
Christiane Boniol
Caroline Hope
Cautain Robert
Cecile Harnie
Charlotte Kates
Clara Legene
Claude Marks
Dan Ferdinande
Daniel Rombro
David Palmer
Demir Ali
Dino Barberini
Dora Haslett
Doris Ghannam
Dr. Phineas Taylor
Ernest Sturdevant
Ernst Mecke
Farrah Shields
Frank L Showler
Frank Vercruyssen
Franz Kraft
Freda Guttman
Galina Ganske
Gourvil Françoise
Greta Flion
Harley A. Tompkins
Helen Mcilduff
Heliane Robert-Rompillon
Joëlle Joseph
John Gouvas
John Harmon
Judy Andler
Kees Wagtendonk
Kenneth Machere
Khaled Barakat
Lars Rømer
Laurent Françoise
Leo Di Bartolo
Maggie Dodson
Manuel Davila Rodriguez
Mara Assis
Marc Ferrapie
Marcel Leurin
Marcel Rannou
Marianne Van Ophuijsen
Marie Groffils
Marie Myers Lloyd
Martha Bushnell
Martha W D Bushnell
Martine Bernard
Martine Cornet
Martine Loscos
Maura Yasin
Michel Bernard
Molly Hogan
Monique Sanciaud
Michel Sanciaud
Nada Pretnar
Nicoletta Kitsou
Nitza Aminov
Nouhaila Boukhlik
Özlem Yeniay
Paolo Perazzi
Patricia Rudner
Paul Robertson
Penny Schoner
Rael Nidess, M.D.
Scott Campbell
Simon Galsworthy
Taverniti Giorgio
Teddy Théodose
Teresa Cabral
Tikva Honig-Parnass
Tina Langhaeuser
Tsilli Goldenberg
Viviana Lombardi
Yves Jardin
Zawahir Haddouch
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