Source of Wellness Media 2022 Internship Form
Source of Wellness Media is the parent company for 106 Live Radio and 106 Inspiration respectively.  

This application is for interest in the Internship Program with 106 Live Radio or 106 Inspiration.

Please note that these positions are STRICTLY Internship based and not a job application or paid position. Any financial contributions presented to you is considered a gift.

Good candidates would be those who are currently studying or have a background in the following areas:
Digital Media
Social Media
Graphic Design
Web Development

(Please note that if your field of expertise or study is not listed, it does not disqualify you as a candidate)
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I certify that all information provided is accurate and current. I understand that I will have to provide a valid government identification card if I am accepted into the internship program with Source of Wellness Media. I understand that this is not a compensated position and if I am offered any, it is considered a gift. I also understand that all information shared is confidential. Please type in your FULL LEGAL NAME (as it appears on your government issued ID) as this will serve as an electronic signature. *
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