SSMU Fall Reading Break Survey
After the Winter 2018 Fall Reading Break Referendum, 96.6% of McGill undergraduate students voted in favour of a Fall Reading Break. This survey will help the SSMU gather information to successfully advocate for a Fall Reading Break.

This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes. If you have any questions about a Fall Reading Break, would like to find out more information about it, or would like to let us know about an idea you have, please contact the Chair of the Ad-Hoc Fall Reading Break Committee, Bryan Buraga, at

Demographic Information
The following section is to collect information about our student demographics.
What is your McGill email? *
Used to verify you are a current McGill undergraduate student.
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Preference Section
The information collected in the following section will be used to decide when and how a Fall Reading Break would be implemented.
For a Fall Reading Break, I would be willing to: *
Please select all options you would be willing to have in order to have a Fall Reading Break. Also note that a Fall Reading Break may not necessarily be a Fall Reading Week. Please consider each option as an individual event. Each checkbox should be read as: "For a 4 day long weekend Fall Reading Break, I would be willing to have classes start in late August." If you are on a smartphone, please slide the options to see their full extent.
4 day long weekend
5 day long weekend
1 week
I would not be willing to do this at all
Have classes start in late August
Have classes start before Labour Day but within the month of September
Have the earliest morning classes start earlier than 8:30 AM
Have slightly longer class times
Have more condensed midterm schedules
Have Fall exams start the day after the last day of classes (remove study day)
Have weekend exams during the Fall exam period
When would you prefer a Fall Reading Break to be? *
You may select more than one preferred time period.
If given the following options, what would you choose? *
A Fall Reading Break will allow me to focus on my mental health. *
A Fall Reading Break will allow me to focus on my physical health. *
Please select option "2" for verification purposes. *
A Fall Reading Break will allow me to commit more time to studying. *
A Fall Reading Break will allow me to spend more time with family/friends. *
A Fall Reading Break will allow me to spend my time productively. *
OPTIONAL: Long Answer Section
We would appreciate personal anecdotes for how a Fall Reading Break would help you, as well as your ideas for making it happen.
Why do you want a Fall Reading Break?
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What ideas do you have for making a Fall Reading Break happen?
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