Thank you for your interest in Critter Crusaders! We appreciate you filling out our volunteer information form below. This will help us to involve you in the areas of CC you are interested in.
Because Critter Crusaders is an all volunteer organization - we actually wouldn't exist without our volunteers, we need you!
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Our primary activity is RAISING FUNDS. We host both big events and small. We have a presence at many civic and charitable events -- all for the purpose of funding medical treatment for homeless pets. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, we can use your help. May we add you to a team described below (pick as many as you'd like) and call or email you when the time comes? *
GALA EVENT TEAM -- We host 3 or more major events during the year: Mardi Growl in February or March,  Wine Tasting in June, Casino Night in October. We may also hold a Trivia Game night, and a motorcycle ride. These events involve silent auctions, and great raffle prizes.  What can you help with?
CANS FOR CRITTERS TEAM -- We are accepting IA redeemable aluminum cans and plastic bottles to fundraise. We have a borrowed building for donors to drop off their can and bottle donations, where we then sort the donations into appropriate size and quantity Can Shed bags. The sorted bags are then transported to the Can Shed for redemption. There are currently 3 drop off times, one weekday evening, one weekday during the day, and one weekend time. Any one (or all) of those times can be volunteered for. What can you help with?
BAKE SALE TEAM -- Bake ahead for, and/or sell baked goods at either the East or West side Theisen's. Twice a year for a couple hours on a Saturday morning.
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THANK YOU NOTES TEAM -- a few handwritten thank you notes to our generous donors each week.
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RESTAURANT TEAM -- sit at a table and talk to people about CC as they arrive. Encourage friends, family and co-workers to eat there that day as CC receives a portion of the profits. A couple hours in the evening. Typically a weeknight.
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BOOTH TEAM -- community public relations. Set up tent and/or table, talk to people about CC, sell t-shirts and crafts. As many as 6-8 times a year, but just for a few hours, usually on weekend. This is critical to establishing a presence in the community, and loyal supporters.
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TRANSPORT TEAM -- This is truly a life-saving contribution. Be on call to drive an injured animal to/from an appointment or hospitalization. Typically within Cedar Rapids, to Des Moines or Madison, WI. Usually on very short notice, often weekday. This information goes out via mass text message and/or e-mail. If you can help you respond, if you can't help that time you just let another team member get it and wait for the next request.
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MEDICAL FOSTERING TEAM -- Medically foster a pet through one of our partner rescues. This also requires an approved foster application and home visit process through said rescue at the time of accepting the foster. This is typically a large time commitment with much variance in environment needed and level of care depending on each pet's needs. Length of time in foster could be anywhere from a few nights, a few weeks, months, to over a year. Again depending on the pet's needs.
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NEW OPPORTUNITIES -- Any new programs, events, or opportunities that may arise in the future, and are not listed above.
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You may have more skills and interests that we haven't asked about.  Please tell us more about you, your desire to help Critter Crusaders, and your availability. *
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