SACNAS Board Application 2019-2020

Thank you for your interest in joining the SACNAS Board for the 2019-20 Academic Year! To be considered for a position on the board please be sure to answer the questions below by the deadline of Sunday, May 12th at 11:59pm.

We are looking for innovative leaders that work well in a collaborative environment.

If you are up for a challenging, but rewarding task, fill out the following form!

If you have any questions about the application feel free to email

Below are descriptions of each board position:

Co-presidents (2): Oversees and coordinates chapter activities and goals; delegates tasks; acts as spokesperson and liaison for SACNAS at UCLA; note this position is only available to current/previous board members

Vice President: Assists president, especially with planning, delegating, and overseeing other board members

Secretary: Keeps record of all meetings, decisions and activities; sends newsletter and manages rosters/calendars

Outreach Coordinators (2): Organize and oversee outreach activities; delegate tasks to appropriate board members

Financial Chairs (2): Keep accurate budgets, obtain PO’s for purchases, manage fundraising and funding applications

External Affairs Chair: Manages chapter presence on all social media platforms; takes photos/videos of all SACNAS events; works toward gaining social media larger audience; works closely with Internal Affairs Chair to create ice breakers for general meetings, generate graphics for events, and design/manage new chapter gear (i.e. shirts, sweaters, pins, stickers)

Internal Affairs Chair: Unifies members of chapter by organizing socials; maintains chapter website; works closely with Social Chair to create ice breakers for general meetings, generate graphics for events, and design/manage new chapter gear (i.e. shirts, sweaters, pins, stickers)

Undergraduate Representative: Recruits and retains undergraduate members; organizes undergrad-tailored events, activities, and resources

Graduate Representative: Recruits and retains graduate student members; organizes grad student development events; be a member of the Scientific Excellence through Diversity Seminar (SEDS) committee
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