CivicTechYYC Blockchain Experiments: Interests & Abilities
To this point we've been talking a lot about the kind of skills that are needed for the Blockchain experiments, but that question has never been turned around to ask you what kinds of things you're actually interested in doing with the group!

It would be of tremendous value if you could complete this form. With this information tasks can be better designed around your interests and abilities!

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I attended the Hackathon on March 3
What would you like to do for the group (such as, but not limited to: refine the pitch deck, design a logo, onboard new group members, find graphic assets, analyze a dataset, complete a business canvas, code a project website, create wireframes/paper prototypes, interview prospective users, write a smart contract, etc.)? *
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Would you be willing/interested to take the lead on one of the blockchain experiments going forward?
What software/hardware tools do you have that might help (e.g. adobe creative cloud, framer studio)?
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What are your superpowers (such as, but not limited to: Frontend/Backend/Full stack Development, User Experience, Graphic Design, Business Analysis, Design Research, Product Management etc.)?
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Oh, and one more thing, please join the Blockchain Experiments Trello Board by Clicking on this invitation link -
Now that's done, what is your Trello username?
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