Change, Fear, Commitment, Assumption, Experiment
This form is a place to collect people's information based on Carl Oliver's ignite talk at the 2015 NCSM Conference in Boston, MA.  Thanks for participating!
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What needs to change in Math Education?
Choose something meaningful to your context
What ‘Competing Commitments’ affect the change you talked about earlier?
Commitments is a different way of framing the concept of fear.  You could think about what fears surround your change, and write them as commitments.
What assumptions do you have about your commitment?
Think about these two questions: “If the fear came true, what would happen?” or “What is the commitment protecting you from?”
What is a safe, modest experiment you can use to test your assumption?
What is your Job or Role?
What CIty and State do you work in?
How many years have you spent in education?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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