Food Safe: Internal-Audit Assessment - Small Food Business
This is an Internal Audit Assessment for ANY Small Food Business in New Zealand or Globally such as a takeaway, cafe, restaurant, lunch bar, hotel, boats, dairy, home-based food business, convenience store, supermarket, community centre, child care, school tuck-shop, butcher and greengrocer to help assess how you manage Food Safety Risks and Hazards yourself!

The digital self assessment, score, observations, corrective and prompted preventative actions that result, helps keep you on top of your Food Safety responsibilities in line with local regulatory need and global best practice.

Your aim is to score 100% in the email that will follow the questions below!

If you have NOT SCORED 100% in your self-assessment score that will be emailed to you, then ENSURE YOU HAVE A CORRECTIVE & PREVENTATIVE ACTION IN PLACE and document this, where a Criteria Observation Does Not Meet Standard or if there is a Non-Conformance (NC) observed.

Remember: Cook, Clean, Chill to the required standard and Conduct yourself towards best food safety practice!

Note: This digital tool and resulting score that will be emailed to you on completion is aimed to be just a GUIDE ONLY and an additional self-help tool to improve Food Safety and Help People, Companies and Communities Succeed. It does not replace a regulatory audit.

For your convenience, this digital assessment is both desktop as well as mobile (phone/pad) friendly!

Disclaimer: This tool is provided at no cost, in good faith. While all reasonable effort is made to ensure the information is current, it can and may be updated as applicable. Food Safe Limited disclaims all responsibility for any inaccuracy or inadequacy of information. Without being limited to the above, Food Safe Limited excludes itself from any liability, on any part, to persons or entities choosing to rely on this information. Always seek independent advice from your local Food Safety Consultant.

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