Nucleus of Bees - 2019 Order Form
The Queen and Nucleus will meet the standard set by the BBKA (

- 5 or 6 British standard Frames (DN1 or DN2 - Not Hoffman Frames)
- Bees covering at least 5 frames
- Brood in all stages across a minimum of 3 frames
- Queen with age stated, she maybe clipped or marked
- Sufficient stores to last colony for at least 1 week
- Queens and bees will all be from local UK stock

Collection will be available on Thursday Evenings; please bring a suitable hive/nuc box, 2x straps, and a strip of foam to block the entrance. We will transfer the bees and comb to your box early in the evening and allow to settle ready to be sealed & removed at dusk or when the bees stop flying. Other times may be agreed in advance.

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We need your address to ensure you live at a suitable distance to ensure the bees do not fly back to our apiary. If you live too close we can arrange to move them to a temporary apiary first.
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Please note that nucs are provided on a first come first served basis and a a £50 (FIFTY POUNDS) deposit per nucleus is needed to secure your position in the queue.
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