Finish the quiz for a 10% discount on our dresses
Hello Dear, my company NOUR & THE MERCHANT ( needs a few informations to get better and bigger. Please try to be as honest as possible, the quiz is anonymous! Discount usable until Christmas! Limited pieces per style!
How did you first hear about us? (Dove hai sentito di noi?)
Where are you from? (Di dove sei?)
If you are a costumer or recurring costumer, what is the reason you choose us? (Se sei un cliente, come mai ci hai scelti?)
Where would you look for apparel with magical vibe? (Dove cercheresti vestiti e accessori per ottenere uno stile molto magico?)
Which ones are your favorite? (Quali preferisci?)
Please write a few keywords you would use to search on Google magical and ethical clothes you want to buy. (Per favore scrivi qualche parola chiave che usi per cercare vestiti etici e magici online)
What time of the year do you feel more prone to spend money on things for your self? (Quando compri generalmente cose per te?)
Which of these websites do you use more often to buy clothes online? ( Che sito per comperare online usi piu spesso?)
When discovering a new brand on social media, what discourages you most from buying their products? (quando scopri un nuovo brand sui social cosa ti trattiene dal comprare?)
What would instead encourage you to buy from smaller independent brands online? (Cosa ti incoraggerebbe a comprare da un piccolo brand online?)
Did you know we are saving a part of our sales to finance humanitarian projects? (Sapevi che una parte del ricavato va a progetti umanitari?)
How did you find the experience on our website? (Come ti sei trovato sul nostro sito?)
Is there a brand that has that magical vibe we love that you already buy from? If so what is it? (Conosci altri brand con quel tema magico e se si, chi sono?)
Do you think our prizes are: (Pensi che i nostri prezzi siano)
What is your average earning per year?
How much do you spend monthly for clothing?
Would you rather:
What percentage of your purchase is for fairytale style objects-apparel?
Would you tell about Nour & the merchant to your friends? (Consiglieresti il nostro brand ad amici?)
Oh wait, we forgot, how old are you? (Quanti anni hai?)
Anything else about you and your interests, something to suggest? (Qualcosa da raccontarci su di te e i tuoi interessi, qualcosa da suggerirci?)
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