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Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission at Who Saved Whom, where Veterans make Shelter Dogs more adoptable.

Our Mission is:
Driven by great appreciation for the dedication of military veterans, and our heart for canines in need of rescue, we deliver programs offering challenge, purpose, and hope to both veterans and shelter dogs by bringing them together for professionally mentored dog training, exercise and socialization activities.

We offer multiple ways veterans and canines can work together, including our Veteran Partners being mentored one on one as they teach their assigned Canine Partner basic obedience skills. Veterans may also train their Canine Partner off the property of our adoption partner, and they can go on social and exercise excursions with other Veteran Partners and their canines.

We regularly do events in the community, include brand-awareness events and fundraising events. We need BOTH Occasional Volunteers who can only commit to helping for specific occasions/events, and Assigned Team Volunteers who help daily by working with a small team to make sure a specific part of our organization is taken care of.

If you need assistance completing this form, please email: general@WhoGroup.org.

Completion of this form is not an official offer of a volunteer position or a paid position with Who Saved Whom.

Once you have completed this Volunteer Registration Form, we will be in touch to get to know you a bit, supply you with additional information, and let you know what any next steps might be.

Thank you again!
Jarita Moore :)
Founder/Executive Director
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