Request Course Materials for SPR 2020
Dear Boston Faculty,

Librarians are working to transition course materials to digital access. We are using the following criteria:

Plan A
Prioritizing current access: Please work with a librarian to identify if digital content we currently own can be used.

Plan B
Purchasing: Purchasing access to digitized content will be considered after plan A.

In the following form, please tell us which book chapters, articles, theatrical productions, or films you need in digital format to finish your semester.

Prioritizing workflows: Please let us know what date students will require access, and the course code for the material (ex. VM101-2).

Please submit only the essentials. We can provide up to ten book chapters/articles/films in total per course. We will do our best to find access or purchase these materials in an online format suitable for Canvas. Note: all fields are optional.

- Your friendly librarians at Iwasaki Library
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