5D Visionary Council | 2021 Program Interest
Aloha dear visionary.

Welcome to our pioneering portal for New Earth visionaries ready to create new ways of doing and being - all in alignment with what feels most nourishing, expansive and authentic.

Yes please.

It's time to do business a new way, don't you agree?

Let's create new unique templates for how we want to design our lives and businesses that are a reflection in every way of our soul essence, genius and gifts. Your business can feel like home, it can feel like it flows the ways you want it to flow, it can feel full of ease and grace, and immense creativity and innovation.

Together, let's weave new examples of what's possible when we allow ourselves to play in the realms of truly infinite possibilities. Let's pave the way that's never been walked before and have a blast while doing it :-)

Let's light the way for visionaries just a few steps behind, towards something new, that feels more real than ever, that contributes to the collective in meaningful ways, that's stepped in deep purpose and fulfillment, that feels like the most nourishing way to play.

Very grateful to receive your resonance here. Please share your heart and intentions for how this council might support you plus ways you envision yourself contributing uniquely to our space.

Let's Fly <3

Much love + gratitude,

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Imagine a multidimensional council of genius visionary allies supporting you for 5 months, with expert mentorship, guest expert guides and facilitators, mastery trainings on all elements of conscious-biz (energetics of marketing, sales, client service, developing your offerings, creating your brand, PR and messaging, creative collaboration, and deep personal work in transformation, soul alchemy and uncovering your authentic vision and mission..plus so much more) plus Akashic Records guidance and attunement, monthly energy transmissions and ultra supportive resources and references throughout our journey to keep you inspired and energized - how else would you most love to receive support in our council? What ways do you love to receive guidance? What if any added element(s) would make this experience a truly irresistible invitation that you couldn't possibly pass up? Here's where we co-create the most magical experience any of could ever dream up. *
What is your familiarity and experience with intuitive healing, guidance and energy work if any? *
What is your soul-vision for the business or service you want to birth into being? Dream big. Anything is possible. *
In one year from now, what are you celebrating? Be specific. *
Our council is an in-depth training, initiation and collaborative leadership experience initiating us all into greater depth, presence and devotion to our spiritual growth, expansion and embodied wisdom. You will be invited to commit to a daily energetic practice, energetic mastery protocols, meditation and other rituals to refine your embodiment of presence, self-trust, self-love and overall power. As this process will be deeply healing and activating of all your senses and sensitivity in general, it is strongly recommended that you abstain from all mind-altering substances for the duration of our training as well as commit to complete sobriety (at least) within 24 hours of our group sessions and 1:1 sessions with Sydney. How's that sound? *
There are two options for making your investment in the Council: [1] Activator Option: Full 1:1 Support, with 2 Akashic Readings + 1:1 Monthly Support Call with Sydney; $888.00 USD per month or $4,000.00 USD in full (save $440.00 USD). OR [2] Anchor Option: All council benefits and group support without 1:1 support calls and Akashic Readings; $555.00 USD per month or $2,500.00 USD in full (save $275.00 USD). Entails complete access to all council benefits including group calls + guest mentor sessions, all materials, support in WhatsApp between council calls, and more simply without 1:1 support option however other opportunities for 1:1 support will emerge within the council itself. How would you like to honor this sacred exchange? *
Do you have any other questions or points of clarification you'd like support with? *
In your dreams beyond your wildest dreams, what is your vision for Heaven on Earth and how will this council experience support you in actualizing it all with grace and ease? *
What are you celebrating about yourself right now? *
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