Annual International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference Evaluation
Considering the conference this year in its entirety, please write down the number that indicates how you feel about each of the following statements: *
Strongly Agree (5)
Somewhat Agree (4)
Neither Agree or Disagree (3)
Somewhat Disagree (2)
Strongly Disagree (1)
The conference met my expectations.
I gained new information from the conference.
The conference will inform my practice/research.
Overall, I enjoyed the conference.
I would attend this conference in the future.
What were the two or three things you liked BEST about this year’s conference? *
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What did you dislike about the conference? *
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Please describe YOUR FAVORITE SESSION at this year’s conference and explain what you liked about it. *
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How will you use what you have learned? *
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What topics would you like to have included in the next conference? *
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Do you have any suggestions for future presenters? *
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Please feel free to share additional comments or suggestions that would be helpful to the conference planning committee.
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Thank you for attending this year’s conference!
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