Gateway Students Winter Camp Financial Assistance Request (NRH Campus)
Information submitted in this form is confidential and will be sent directly to the Gateway Students NRH staff. To be considered for a partial assistance, please answer all fields. We are asking that every student contribute at least $50. If you are not in need of financial assistance or would like more information about Winter Camp, please visit Email questions to
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Note: The registration rate is $150 per person and we are asking that every student contribute at least $50. Please prayerfully consider the amount your family can contribute at this time. We cannot process this form if the amount is below $50. Even if the amount you can contribute seems nominal to you, it really does add up & allow us to bless more students & their families! Depending on when you submit this request and how much financial aid budget we have left, you might be asked to contribute more than you enter here.
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Please click "submit" when you are finished filling out the form. You will receive an email from us with further instructions within 48 hours after submitting. Thank you, the GWS NRH team.
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