8th Grade Internet Safety Quiz
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Which of the following is an example of a RISKY way to present oneself in a different way online? *
On Lucy's social networking profile, she posts that she is older than her real age and that she likes rock music, which she actually doesn't like. Which of the following might be a possible consequence of how Lucy presents herself online?
Evan likes Maria, but she is dating Josh. Evan pretends to be Maria online and posts angry messages on Josh's blog so that Josh thinks she is mad at him. Evan is _______________________ Josh by pretending to be Maria. *
An upstander is someone who: *
Sierra tells Amanda that she keeps receiving mean messages on her cell phone. "That must make you feel awful," Amanda says. "Do you want to talk about it?" True or False: Amanda is showing Sierra empathy. *
Ali notices that a classmate keeps posting rude comments about her friend Mike on a blog. What could Ali do to become an upstander? *
What does the word motivate mean? *
Arianna visits a website that makes fun of a student at her school. She logs in under a fake name and leaves mean comments without anyone knowing who she is. Is this Harmful or Harmless?
Joe wants good reviews and comments on his YouTube videos, so he creates several user names. He uses them to leave good comments about his own videos. Is this harmful or harmless?
What kinds of online behaviors could be considered cyberbullying? *
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