Keeb Soldering/Assembly Form
This is the form you'll use to get a quote from me for soldering/assembling your keyboard related project. The way this will work is you'll submit this form telling me what your keyboard is and what you want me to do to it, preferably with pictures of the board in question since I'm not familiar with every board out there(one day maybe). Once I've received your information I'll be able to quote the cost of the work.
Pricing has changed slightly after a chance to get a feel for how long some of this stuff takes. Pricing is as below:

Desoldering - $.20 per switch/led/diode, $2 per teensy/pro micro
Assembly -
<=40% - $15, +$5 leds, +$5 diodes
<=60% - $20, +$7 leds, +$7 diodes
<=75% - $25, +$8 leds, +$8 diodes
<=100% - $30, +$10 leds, +$10 diodes
Split board - +$5
Add RGB strip - $5 per strip + led cost
Flashing basic QMK layouts - $5, +$5 for split boards
Pricing will be covered completely in the quotation communication as well as any other costs that may occur due to unique requests. All assembly pricing includes testing for functionality after completion.
Shipping both ways is your responsibility. You can have me order your materials directly from the seller for you.

Communication will be conducted via email, reddit, or discord, whichever you mark as preferred.

What are you looking to have work done on? *
If possible, please provide a picture of the board so I know for sure what I'm working with.
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What work are you looking to have done? *
Examples include full assembly, switch soldering, led soldering, desoldering, and PCB repair.
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