Altitude Running - Gnar Runners Survey
Hello participants, Altitude Running is a locally owned running company, and we're trying to learn more about the Fort Collins running community by asking more questions. If you would like to take this survey and your answers are submitted, you're email will be entered in a raffle to win an Altitude gift card!
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We are one of two running specialty stores in Fort Collins. When you train and gear up for Gnar events, do you use the services and products that Altitude offers? *
What Gnar events do you participate in?
Altitude has a group run every Monday night. What regular groups and/or group runs do you participate in?
Along with a couple other services that we provide - we do gait analysis at our store and host community events - we also care about the products we sell! As you train or race in Gnar events, have you noticed a product that Altitude does not carry and should consider?
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We try to carry a selection of road and trail shoes. What brand and model of road shoe do you wear currently? *
What brand and model of trail shoe do you wear? *
We partner with several medical and rehabilitation clinics in the Fort Collins community, and we like to take the physicians' input into account as we give you advice. Have you had any of the following types of running related injuries?
We carry hydration products, such as running water bottles, belts, vests, and handhelds. Do you have a go-to brand when you buy hydration products? *
We anticipate that you will run through a range of on-trail conditions, and we try to provide gear that offers increased traction and durability, quick dry material, etc. When choosing gear, what do you consider as you prepare for weather and conditions? *
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What type of performance nutrition do you use? *
What brands do you use for nutrition? *
In an effort to tap into the advice and expertise of our running community, we try to host in-store informational events, featuring guest speakers, panels, Q&A, and movie nights. Are there other events that we can set up to help you get the resources and info you want about running? *
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Thank you for taking our survey!
We're trail runners and will see you out there!
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