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Here at Wazoo Survival Gear we get an enormous amount of requests to review and test our products. This form helps us select the best candidates for reviewing particular items. When we look for reviewers, the main two things we are interested in are:
- Do you have past experience writing blog posts and/or working cameras, and can articulate your thoughts in clear and engaging ways?
- Are you willing to do a full teardown of the product and show the use of each individual component (Vs. "Unboxing" or "Table Top Reviews"?

If you meet both of those basic requirements, then fill out this form to apply to become a product reviewer for Wazoo Survival Gear LLC.

(NOTE: Filling out this form does not guarantee you will receive items to review)

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How old are you? We like to get a good cross-section of ages for our reviewers.
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What do you consider yourself?
What makes you different?
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How would you rate your outdoor survival or bushcraft skills? *
BEGINNER - No clue what a Ferro Rod is but interested in learning / EXPERT - No need for a Ferro Rod because you can start friction fire anytime anywhere
Give us a quick description of your past outdoors experience.
How many years? Hunter / Fisherman / Military / Etc? Hobbies?
What's your paying profession?
Not terribly important, but sometimes plays to different background perspectives.
Do you currently own a Wazoo product? If so, what?
What are the top 3 items you'd be interested in reviewing?
Which is the most important tools to you and why?
Fishing Kit, Wire Saw, or Compass (assume your local area, and you can only pick one)
What is a subject, not related to outdoor activities, that you could spontaneously give a 20 minute lecture on?
Name 12 uses for a coat hanger.
What is 1 piece of gear you think most people often underestimated or often overlook to bring in outdoor activities and why?
Wrist Size?
Be sure to measure according to our "How to Measure Your Wrist" guide found on each bracelet page as an image.
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