RGL HL Clip Submission Form
Submit your clips (.dem files) to DolphiN!

This will be for the end-of-the-season frag video for both the Highlander and Prolander seasons.

The clips should only be from RGL Highlander matches and scrimmages for Season 1. POV demos are preferred, but please try to also include the STV demos if you can.

If you do not provide specific ticks, enough detail, or rename your .demo file, your submission may not be reviewed.

Player Name *
Your (or the player featured in the clip's) aliases
Team Name *
Name of the team you are playing for
Your Team Division *
Class Played *
Provide a link to the RGL HL Match Page (if the clip is from a match)
This should be the Match Comms page.
Brief description *
Please describe what happened in the demo.
Relevant ticks (time in the demo)
Download Link *
Please rename the file to: PLAYERNAME_TICK_CLASS_TEAM.dem
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