Advanced - Some very interesting questions . . . Our Biggest Challenges SOLVED!
Our Biggest Challenges/Problems . . . SOLVED!

Have you ever been frustrated with someone else in your life who said they had a challenge or a problem, you had the answer, and they didn't seem to want to discover/find a solution?

Any idea as to why this was so frustrating to you?

I think it's because we do that in our own lives as well. The follow survey/series of questions took over 25 years to discover, refining, and have the ability to present to you today, right now.

I guess the real question we really all have to ask ourselves is "Do we really want to fix our biggest challenge/our problem, and when do we want to fix it?"

Tough Truth . . . TIP: The longer we have the the challenge, the harder it seems for us to fix it on our own, and the more likely we are to have some level of delusion that we are doing what we need to do, right now, to fix it. If you are REALLY NOT READY to fix your problem fairly quickly, probably best NOT to take this survey as it will reveal the truth.

If you have not taken the survey from The Vision Project ( that will also give you more energy, motivation, passion to get it fixed sooner, rather than later.
1. What REALLY is the biggest challenge/problem you are facing in any area of your life? *
Any area of your life. Be honest with yourself.
2. How long has this challenge/problem or something like this been with you? *
You are looking for the core of the challenge/problem NOT the symptom.
3. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how critical is this? (10) *
How much is this holding you back from reaching your full potential?
Not holding me back at all
Totally holding me back
4. Do you have HOPE that this challenge will be overcome? *
How much HOPE, 1 to 10 with 10 being total hope.
No Hope At All
Full Of Hope
5. Do you believe you need any additional help, outside of what you currently have? *
Caution, if challenge/problem has been with us for more than 6 months, we probably need a lot more help than we realize.
6. Do you believe that there is a solution that is just waiting to be found? *
7. If you were presented with a possible solution within your budget, that might or might not work, would you try it in the next 5 days? *
How you answer this will help you to realize the truth of how quickly you really do what the answer/solutuion to your challenge/problem.
8. If problem/challenge is financial/business related, how much revenue would you generate if this problem was solved?
If there would be zero impact on financial and/or the extra time created if this problem/challenge was fixed, would not be used generate more revenue then please skip this question.
9. What % of the gain, would you be willing to invest to get started in solving your problem?
10. For the above question, would that be monthly or total budget to get started?
Clear selection
11. What time frame would you expect to start to see results?
12. How would you know it has been successful?
Please be very specific with how you would know. The more specific you are with the desired results the more clarity you/others will be with the specific actions you need to take.
13. How would you evaluate the program to continue or expand the budget?
If the solution was successful, generally we will want to expand it to see greater success. How would you make that decision?
To provide you feedback on the above please provide us with your contact information.
Name *
email you would like us to send results to *
A certified personality, business/life consultant will review over your information and provide feedback, suggestions, and tips based on your personality to assist you with your biggest challenges and/or what you would love help on.
Your phone number
To best assist you, there may be additional questions/information which would provide you the best feedback. Please share best number to call you if additional information is needed.
Name of individual who passed these questions along to you.
Would you like a complimentary 30 minute interview/strategy session?
Based on your responses to the above questions, would you like someone to help you implement possible solutions to your biggest challenge.
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