New Chances Humane Society Foster Family Application
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Foster Family Terms and Conditions
1. I am at least 18 years of age.

2. Foster families are responsible for the safety and care of the animal. The family should provide playtime, socialization, food, exercise, training, and companionship. If needed, New Chances Humane Society will provide food and litter, if requested and available.

3. Foster families play an important role in making the animal more adoptable and determining what type of family would be the best match for the animal. Each animal is assigned a New Chances Humane Society contact person who will work with the foster family.

4. The animal must NOT be released to another family until the contact person has processed and approved the adoption application.

5. The foster family is responsible for transporting the animal to vet appointments. If help is needed, notify the contact person.

6. If the animal becomes ill or hurt, the foster family should notify the contact person. In an emergency, the foster family should contact a vet immediately. New Chances Humane Society is responsible for all vet expenses.

7. We cannot guarantee how an animal will behave once it is in your home. Many of the animals were previously unwanted, lost, or rescued from dangerous, unhealthy, or cruel situations, and there may be long-lasting effects.

8. The foster family should notify the contact person if there are problems, or they can no longer care for the animal. If the animal shows ANY aggression, notify the contact person immediately.

9. Any damage done to the home by the foster animal will be the financial responsibility of the foster family, except for extreme cases. In those cases, the Board of Directors will review the damages and decide accordingly. (Even if an animal is housebroken, the animal may have a few accidents while it adjusts to your home and schedule.)

10. The foster family must comply with all local, county, and state regulations regarding animals. New Chances Humane Society will not be liable for any fines or penalties due to violations or harm to person or property.

11. Foster families are volunteers, and no one is paid for providing foster care.

   Foster Families must carry personal medical insurance for potential injuries. A copy of your insurance card is required.

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