Go For It! Microgrant Application 2019
Are you looking to experience new things? Curious about the arts, looking to take up a new hobby, or expand your knowledge? If you have a passion, we will supply the cash!

Footsteps Go for It! microgrant offers monetary support to Footsteps members (and groups of members) seeking to do something to enrich their personal growth. Microgrants of $200 -- $500 will be awarded to Footsteps members looking to explore new experiences and talents.

The deadline to apply is Monday, January 14, 2019. Go For It! microgrants are awarded by committee with full discretion.

Criteria and Guidelines:

1) Go For It! microgrants are designed to offer Footsteps members access to unique opportunities for personal development (e.g. piano lessons, rock climbing instruction, driving lessons, film festival passes, yoga classes).

2) Go For It! microgrants can be used to purchase supplies, pay for the cost of an experience, cover the cost of an
event, or to obtain indirect help to make the experience possible (e.g. to pay a babysitter or transportation).

3) The grant cannot be used to cover academic fees nor is it meant to pay for an individual’s work time. For example, this grant will cover the cost of paint brushes, paint, and canvas but it cannot pay for the time one spends in their apartment painting.

4) This grant is for Footsteps members or groups of members only. If you want to apply for a microgrant but you are not yet a member, please reach out to Julia Jerusalmi-Henig, New Member Services Coordinator, at julia@footstepsorg.org to learn more about how to become a Footsteps member.

Please note: This microgrant is not intended for housing, school, or vocational training expenses. If you are interested in securing funding for education opportunities and/or careers, please contact Hope Glassman, Program Associate, at hope@footstepsorg.org and for all other questions, reach out to Rachie Lipkind, Program Assistant, at rachie@footstepsorg.org

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Microgrants can be requested from $200 -- $500. Note: Footsteps cannot guarantee that awardees will receive the exact amount requested. Please illustrate how your project can be achieved at different levels of funding. For example: taking 3 photography classes instead of 5 photography classes.
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Expenses can be direct (such as buying supplies for a project) or indirect (like to pay a babysitter). The more specific you are about these costs, the better. If you've already done research and have pricing estimates for your project, please include this information here.
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Do you have the ability to financially contribute to this project? *
Have you already done so? If so, how much? If you have the ability to contribute in the future, tell us how. If not, please tell us what else you might be able to invest in the project (i.e. your time, sharing it with others, etc).
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