Prostate Cancer Screening Among Primary Care Physicians
We are a design group of graduate biomedical engineering students at Columbia University developing a method/device for prostate cancer screening in primary care settings. Given the shortcomings of the digital rectal exam (DRE) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, our goal is to create a significantly sensitive, specific, and cost-effective tool that will more accurately detect prostate cancer while reducing unnecessary workups resulting from DRE/PSA false positives.

The following survey of 10 short multiple choice questions will help inform our decisions throughout the design process. We truly appreciate your time!

1) I am a ______
2) When screening for prostate cancer, I typically _____
Alternative method description:
Your answer
3) My practice is located in a _______
4) Please rank the availability/proximity of specialists (urology) in your area.
Not available
Readily available
5) The likelihood that I will refer an at-risk patient (elevated PSA/abnormal DRE) is significantly affected by the availability (high or low) of urologists in my area.
6) What percentage of at-risk men refuse the digital rectal exam?
Optional: What are the primary reasons patients refuse the DRE, and what is the next course of action in this scenario?
Your answer
7) Assuming comparable physical discomfort, I believe my patients would be ______ receptive to a device compared to the manual digital rectal exam.
8) Assign a value of importance to each characteristic based on ability to indicate prostate cancer (5 = most important)
What other parameters would be valuable for detecting prostate cancer (e.g. temperature, elasticity, etc.)?
Your answer
9) Do you feel any form of uncertainty while performing DRE either in identifying nodules or validating the presence of tumor using the characteristics provided in Q8?
If 'Yes', why is it difficult to identify tumors using DRE?
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10) What characteristics would you like to see in an alternative device for prostate cancer screening? (Check all that apply)
Other impressions, suggestions, or ideas?
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