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Select the game of the speedrun you're submitting. If it's a mod, select the game on which the mod is based.
Game/Mod title
i.e. Opposing Force or Life's End (mod). Leave blank if its the game itself you've chosen above.
Link to the video *
A rough, unedited draft of the whole speedrun is enough. However, the final video must meet the high-quality standards.
Final video requirements
Encoded and rendered in 60fps 16:9 HD (720p is accepted but 1080p would be preferred).

If your run is segmented, the segment transitions have to be smooth and somewhat seamless. Make sure the in-game sounds play out nicely throughout the transition, especially if there's in-game music playing.

Your run has to be very optimized. If you lose seconds here and there from sloppy BHopping/ABH'ing and/or your routes could easily be improved, your run will not be accepted.

Your run can not include any sort of copyrighted material what so ever. If a mod uses a licensed song for example, you need to either replace the music during that part or remove it completely. An example would be Still Alive in Portal which is played during credits. Simply replace it with an instrumental version and you're good.

Do not add any sort of editing special effects such as slow motion, motion blur, lens flares, etc. The only alterations of the game we approve that may be added in post production is the runner's name, end credits and color grading to smooth out segment transitions.

More on high-quality video production:
Link to the forum thread about your run
If you have created a thread on The SourceRuns forums about this run, paste the link here.
Category *
More info about the speedrun categories can be found here:
Amount of segments *
If you picked "Segmented" above, input the amount of segments taken to complete the run. If SS/RTA, input "1" in the field.
Scripted or scriptless? *
Does the run use any scripts/macros/aliases?
Completion time *
Time taken to beat the game/mod, from where you first gain control in-game to the moment you lose it (this rule might not apply in some rare cases. If you disagree with the rule and think your game/mod should be timed differently, send a PM explaining why to anyone in the SourceRuns administration).
Describe the run *
This could be pasted to serve as a part of the YouTube description for your run. You can for example write a "runner's comments" and describe the making of and/or explain certain parts of your run.
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