Stories at Sunset
"Stories at Sunset" is a compilation of daily Ramadan reflections that cover a wide variety of topics. Whether the reflection is about faith or breaking the silence on tough issues, each reflection presents a different perspective from American Muslims through the spiritual lens of Ramadan. They shed light on the stories of Muslims and show a more accurate portrayal of the multitude and diversity of experiences in America.

Each evening we will be posting one of these submissions on our pages on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. If your story is posted, we will reach out to you and let you know where you can find it!

Here are some guidelines to help you write:

1. Please keep your story under 2 paragraphs
2. You must submit a high definition photo with your story
3. You are free to write about anything you choose, some suggestions are: Ramadan, fasting, not fasting, family, friends, social taboos etc. You are also welcome to see what others have written by searching #StoriesAtSunset on our social media or looking here
4. These stories will be shared on social media and will be public, please make sure that whatever you share is something you are comfortable with having online!

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