2020 JASPA Innovation Grant Application
The Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators (JASPA) awards a limited number of grants each academic year to advance the goals and values of JASPA. JASPA members may apply for Innovation Grants for the purpose of applying current research to address pressing issues in Jesuit student affairs. While all projects that address the goals and values of JASPA are welcome, special emphasis will be placed on those that are focused on efforts promoting diversity and inclusion. In addition, whenever possible, projects that foster collaboration across departments and/or colleges/universities are encouraged. Proposals will be accepted until all funding is dispersed; however, priority will be given to proposals received by Friday, May 1st, 2020.

Between $8,000 and $10,000 will be available to fund these initiatives each year. The committee that awards grants is charged with considering the merit and potential impact of each application. Committee members are encouraged to engage in conversations with applicants to better understand the intended outcomes of each project, as well as the ways in which potential recipients will be effective stewards of resources.

Projects should address one or more of the following JASPA goals:
• To articulate and promote the distinctive mission, traditions, and values of Jesuit Catholic higher education;
• To engage contemporary culture and explore contemporary issues that impact Jesuit Catholic higher education;
• To develop and disseminate standards and best practices that advance the work of student affairs professionals at Jesuit Catholic colleges and universities;
• To provide leadership on national issues of importance that impact Catholic higher education;

Projects should promote one or more of the following JASPA values:
• Excellence: a commitment to professional engagement in practice and scholarship
• Integrity: a commitment to professional ethics and Ignatian spirituality
• Service: a commitment to work that promotes justice
• Inclusion: a commitment to supporting diverse leadership and participation
• Leadership: a commitment to values-based leading and learning

Grant applications will be accepted from the following:
• Student affairs professionals at JASPA member institutions;
• Faculty members in higher education or student affairs graduate programs at JASPA member institutions for projects specifically on Jesuit and/or Catholic higher education;
• Doctoral students in higher education programs at JASPA member institutions for dissertations specifically on Jesuit and/or Catholic higher education;
• Doctoral students who are affiliate members of JASPA for dissertations specifically on Jesuit and/or Catholic higher education.

Contact Information for Primary Grant Applicant
Please answer the following questions for the primary grant applicant. The primary grant applicant is the main contact person for the grant. There may be only one person applying for the grant, or a team may apply for the grant. If more than one person is applying for the grant, information about collaborators should be included in the following section.
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Position or Job Title: *
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Contact Information for Additional Grant Applicant(s) (if Applicable)
Please include the names, positions, and email addresses for each additional grant applicant in this format (if applicable): Name 1 (Position, Email Address); Name 2 (Position, Email Address); Name 3 (Position, Email Address); etc
Contact Information for Additional Applicant(s)
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Project Information
Please provide information for each of the questions below to describe your proposed project (research, program, training, or other initiative). Most questions should have responses of 1 - 4 brief paragraphs.
Project Name / Title:
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Description of the project (please describe the purpose of the project, stakeholders, etc.): *
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Please describe how the project supports JASPA Goals and Values (please see Grant Application information above for JASPA Goals and Values): *
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Please describe how current research has informed / would inform the development of this project: *
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Please describe how the project will address pressing issues in Jesuit student affairs, and the impact you anticipate it will have (please note that priority will be given to projects focused on diversity and inclusion): *
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Please describe the timeline for completion of the grant project: *
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Assessment Plans for the Project (please describe the intended outcomes and how the project will be assessed): *
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Proposed Project Budget (please include an itemized list of all anticipated costs): *
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Supporting Documents
Please send an email to showes1@luc.edu with all of the following supporting documents:
• A copy of your IRB approval (if relevant).
• A brief letter of support for the project from your supervisor (if you are not the senior student affairs officer) or dissertation supervisor (if you are a graduate student).
• Current resumes of all grant applicants.
• A list of references for sources from the literature that are informing the project.
• Any additional documents that would help reviewers of grant applications to better understand the project (such as a proposed curriculum for an educational program, or draft version of assessment instruments).
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