Spring Cruise - May 2017
Hi everyone.

I need some “information” to plan the Spring Cruise to try satisfy most of the people, most of the time.
Dates ARE NOW AGREED as 20th - 29th MAY.

I am trying to gauge what most people want from a 9 day cruise in Company, and trying to get a balance between stretching our cruising legs and spending time ashore getting to know the area.

I am also looking for guidance on distances …. and the extent of “open water” etc. .. for this year, and also for the future....

Please note and know that the weather will of course affect individual skipper decisions, and that I am assuming the answers relate to “reasonable” wind strength and direction. It is supposed to be “fun.”

I would be grateful if you could answer the following as soon as possible, and add any thoughts at the end.

Closing date is end of JAN so please have a go !!

Please complete as owner/skipper, or as crew, and also if you would be interested in chartering for the cruise (perhaps with others from the club) or are looking for berths to join the cruise on a members boat. We might be able to put a group together of like-minded charterers for example …..

I look forward to your replies !!
Thank you.

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