Homeschool Convention 2019 Feedback
Thank you all so much for coming for the Homeschool Convention 2019.

We know about the hiccups at registration regarding tickets, and some directions mishaps… and kudos to those of you who made it! :) 

To recap : The vision of the Convention is for homeschooling parents in Singapore to connect and find like-minded support because we serve everyone else the rest of the year. The first two days were meant for homeschooling parents and topics were prepared with them in mind. The third day was for the public interested to know more about homeschooling. (The info was stated in the founder's message here

We would love to know your thoughts about the Convention and what we can do to improve your experience in this feedback form. 

Photos for the Homeschool Convention would be up shortly on our website, Do click to subscribe if you want to be updated on news. We don’t spam. Stuff only goes up the website when required. ;)

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