BLERD CITY CON encourages proposals featuring panelists who are diverse in their backgrounds, pursuits, affiliations, locations, and ages. While an institutional affiliation is not required of participants, panels should showcase presenters from a variety of organizations and institutions who are at different stages of their careers (including students). The ideal panel discussion will consist of participants who represent a broad range of perspectives and experiences.

(1 hour)
Each panel may have a minimum of two (2) ad a maximum of (5) participants, including the moderator. All participants should be listed on this form. Panel discussion types can include a range of topics including Cosplay, Martial Art Movie critism, screenplay reading, horror, fantasy, science fiction, comics, super heroes, Star Trek, technology issues, game world, AfroFuturism, social justice, almost any topic as long as it meets the intersection of Blerdism. Let your imagination and interest run

If your panel/workshop/presentation is accepted, you and your fellow panelists must execute the event as it was described in this proposal.

(1 hour)
Presentation should introduce one topic to explore in front of participants.

(1 HOUR)
Workshops must have an interactive element, which involves participants gaining knowledge about the presentation topic. Workshops should highlight a partcipatory process.

The deadline to submit is June 7, 2019 .

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