Griffith Team Leadership Program Application 2019
Fill out the following form to apply for the position of Griffith Team Leader for 2019 Nationals (Division 1 and 2).

Registrations will close on the 7th February 2019 and announced on 11th February 2019.

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Chose the main campus which are you are enrolled. Please note, these positions are only open to current Griffith University students who are actively enrolled in T1, or T2, 2019.
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Which sport are you interested in being a GTL for in 2019 *
If your sport is not listed (e.g. Athletics, Swimming etc), it may be due to the fact that these are now Championship Standalone events. Please contact your Sport Officer for further information.
Why would you like to be a GTL in 2019? Why do you think you are suited to this position? Please include your strengths that you believe are relevant for this role *
Wordy question - we know! However - answer to the best of your ability! What makes you stick out from anyone else - why should we pick YOU to be a TGL in 2019?
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Which University Sport Australia events have you been involved in the past? In what capacity did you attend these events? *
e.g. Basketball Player (Northern University Games - 2012, 2013, & 2014 and Australian University Games 2012, 2014).Griffith Team Leader Leader for Basketball at Div 1 2018 etc.
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Do you have any involvement with a Sport Club at Griffith University? If so - in which capacity are you involved, and how long have you been involved? *
e.g. I am the current secretary for the Griffith University Touch Club. I have been a member of this club since 2013 when I first started at Griffith. I am involved in the Whites Hill Wednesday night competition and also involved with recruitment of players for the Social Sport competition on a Monday evening.
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What other roles or positions have you held that have given you suitable experience to take on this role? *
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What suggestions or initiatives do you have to provide a more competitive, team focused environment at Nationals? *
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