Intensive Therapy Application
This is an application for those interested in doing the intensive therapy session. Each application will be reviewed to make sure you are a good fit. If selected you will find out a month before the scheduled session and payment will be due when selected.
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Personal Information
Complete these questions so we can contact you if you are selected.
Full name
Phone Number
Email Address
Where do you live? (City & State) 
There are 2 options for the intensives: in-person in Houston, TX or virtual. Which works best for you?
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Tell me more about your goals
What would you like to work on? (Keep it brief! You can explain more later.) 
What have you tried in the past to resolve this issue?
Have you done therapy around this issue before?
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If yes, how was it helpful? What do you feel like you still need?
If the intensive does exactly what you need, how would you know? What would look different in your life?
Time Commitment
Just want to make sure you have the time to get the best results.
If chosen, the first step is a 90 min intake session with Eboni. and must be done before the intensive. Are you available for an intake?
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The intensive session will last 3-5 hours. This includes lunch and a free energy healing session. Can you commit up to 5 hours on the day of the intensive?
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After the session, you will be expected to journal and/or meditate daily for 30 days. This can take around 30 minutes daily.  Can you do this daily?
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Financial Commitment
Let's make sure you are clear on the financial investment for the intensive.
In order to be accepted, you will need to do an 90 minute intake session with Eboni. The cost of this is $300 but that will be taken from the cost of the intensive session. Will you be able to pay for the intake session?
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After the intake and you are determined to be a good fit, will you be able to pay the remaining balance of $1697?
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In the future we may offer payment plans. This will be a deposit of $997 and then two payments of $597. Will you need a payment plan?
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Application Completed
Thanks for applying. We choose participants at least 30 days before the next scheduled intensives. If you did not receive an email, no need to apply again. We will keep your application on file and consider you in the future. If it has been more than 6 months feel free to apply again.
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