Chapultepec Community Garden to Empower the Food Insecure
Thank you for your interest in helping us at Flying Sams embark on a new venture that we hope will add to the quality of life and care that we provide to our community in Ensenada.

This project is funded by the Donald A. Strauss Foundation, providing $10,000 scholarships for innovative proposals that seek to accomplish a goal in one year in the area of public service. For the 2016-2017 year, we have been lucky recipients of this sum of money to accomplish the establishment of a community garden which, together with a set of workshops and special guests from several different disciplines, we hope will help to understand and shift current food attitudes in our community to encourage better health outcomes.

We are starting from the ground up and welcome all input, whether it be ideas, expertise, knowledge of resources to expand, or your time. Please take a moment to sign up below to receive updates for any meetings we hold, what progress is being made, and what opportunities exist to help us move forward with the garden to culminate in its implementation in our Ensenada site.

I'm excited to get started and incorporate you into this exciting new chapter of our organization!

Jennifer Corona
Co-President 2016-2017, Flying Samaritans at UCSD
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