Application for the International Double bass Competition of Frantisek Simandl
19. - 22. 3. 2020 | Blatná
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Categories for primary music school students
Category for the students of music high schools, gymnasiums and universities
I. Category up to and including 19 years (two rounds)
First round:
One piece composed by Fr. Simandl (e.g. Sarabanda a Gavotta op.7, Divertissement op. 33, Nokturno op.35, Scherzo capriccioso op. 72, Tarantella op. 73, Cavatina op. 76)
Two contrasting movements from one of baroque sonatas

Second round:
Mandatory piece: Dragonetti - Twelve Waltzes - No. 3 (
Two contrasting movements from one of classic concertos (e.g. V. Pichl, A. Capuzzi, D. Dragonetti, H. Bichels etc.)
Orchestral excerpt: Beethoven 5. Symphony 3. Movement

II. Category up to and including 35 years (three rounds)
First round:
1) two contrasting movements from one Sonata (e.g. J. S. Bach - Sonata for viola da gamba in D major BWV 1028, J. M. Sperger - Sonata D-major or h-minor (T36), A. Míšek – Sonata No. 1 A-major or No.2 e-minor, F. Hertl - Sonata, F. Proto – Sonata 1963 op.1, P. Hindemith - Sonata, F.Schubert – Sonata a minor Arpeggione and another with the similar difficulty)

2) one piece for Solo Double Bass (Teppo Hauta-aho – Cadenca, J. F. Zbinden – Hommage á J. S. Bach, H. Fryba – Suita in old style 2 contrasting movements, Knut Güttler – Green sleeves Variations, E. Tabakov - Motivs) max duration 7 min.

Second round:
1) Mandatory piece: Fritz Leitermeyer – the 1., 2., 4., 5., 10. a 11. Essay from the 12 Essays

2) Virtuose piece ad libitum (e.g. G. Bottesini - Grand Allegro di Concerto, Nel cor piu, Sonnambula, Elegie a Tarantella, R Gliére -Intermezzo a Tarantella, G. Láska Perpetuum mobile, E. Madenski - Tarantella, A. Desenclos - Arie e Rondo)

3) Orchestral excerpt: Richard Strauss – Heldensleben (

Third round:
One of the following concertos:

K.D. Dittersdorf – E major
J.K. Vanhal - D major
S. Kusevickij – fis minor
G. Bottesini – h minor

The third round is with an orchestral accompaniment.
Important notices for competitors
• All performances are open to the public

• Category selections are based on the students age at the date of the competition

• Younger competitors can also attend higher categories

• Number of pieces in primary music school category is not limited

• Competitors are required to have their own piano accompanists

• All pieces in all categories are to be performed from memory (except the orchestral excerpts)

• The performance of the competitor can be shortened by the jury
Application fee
• Category primary music school……….................…..700 CZK
• Category music high school and gymnasium…..1500 CZK
• Category university………………............................... 1800 CZK

The payment of the registration will be transferred to the bank account:

Centrum kultury a vzdělávání Blatná
IBAN: CZ16 0800 0000 0006 8059 0349
vs | 2020
ss | the date of the applicant’s birth (ddmmyy)

Please, make the payment between 1st and 31st of January 2020.
Application deadline: 31st of January 2020

The accommodation is not included.
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